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Welcome to Fingerprints Software

The Fingerprints Software story starts back in 2009, when a couple of individuals had a vision to create a company that would pride itself on quality software development and deliverance. We had notice a decline in the skills available in the market and felt that with our current years of experience and expertise we would be able to formulate an environment to enrich upcoming developers with a solid foundation and set of skills to enhance their careers in the IT Sector. At Fingerprints Software we motivate and encourage our staff to be passionate about software development, we don't try to stifle their development in a specific area. We are always open to challenges and strive to educate and create a discipline with regards to Software best practices.

Our key focus is giving the customer a solution that works for them ensuring its flexibility in the long term. We are a company that prides ourselves on quality. We strive to code robust, extensible and efficient solutions by complying with test-driven development. We strive to comply with good design and coding standards at each level of our project implementation. We use agile methodologies in our software and web development process.We are zealous in our ethical approach to business adhering to the principles of integrity, responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness.

As part of our vision we strive to educate ourselves in as many technologies as possible, whether it is mobile technologies, desktop solutions or web based enterprise solutions. Due to our Partnerships our clients are now able to benefit from added expertise in: Testing, Hardware, Networking, Virtualization and Mobile Indoor Navigation Solutions. Not only do we implement solutions with and on behalf of our partners but we are also involved in the development and support of their applications when required.

Being passionate about software allows us to find innovative solutions to common day problems. It is our desire to ensure that the South African public has accessibility to applications which will simplify their lives. We are providers of Indoor Navigation Systems for your mobile devices and are on the brink of launching our online Restaurant Reservations system. We are fortunate to witness the building blocks of our vision coming into existence and this will enable us to further our growth in the market, reaching out to aspiring individuals that have the desire to succeed in Software Development. We are also confident that we can provide clients with the solutions that they so desire in our current market.

Company History