“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve Jobs

At Fingerprints Software we aspire to live by these values. The individuals within our organisation are passionate about finding innovative solutions through our continuous engagement and collaboration with our customers. Our goal is to develop leaders who are capable of providing quality software with an ever willing and committed demeanour.

Fingerprints Software is a young and vibrant South African software company that prides itself in delivering quality solutions efficiently. We endeavour to utilize the right tools for the job. This allows us to provide you with a solution that will exceed your expectations. Our passion for Software enables us to engage in an array of market sectors. We adopt an agile approach in delivering our solutions, this benefits our clients by providing production ready releases often.

At Fingerprints Software each individual strives for innovation coupled with a desire for perfection. The relaxed, respectable and open-minded nature of our organization empowers us to act with integrity in producing and providing the finest quality of solutions and services to our clients.

What we offer clients

At Fingerprints Software we dont just provide our clients technically sound solutions to accomplish their visions. We provide advice on the best approach to reaching that vision. We assist in breaking down the solution into manageable productive setions. We provide insight into which technologies, processes and frameworks fit best to efficiently achieve a solution to the clients requirements.

We dont just build software, we build confidence in software that we build.

Sprint Teams

Let us help you with providing a team that up-skills your IT staff while still assisting in delivery.


With our history in fantasy and prediction games, we can assist in gamification of internal business practices or provide you with an in to the prediction and fantasy gaming markets.


Using our in depth knowledge of Agile, Scrum, CI/CD, Development ,DevOps and many other software practices we can assist you in process and delivery of your solutions.

Web Design

We can take you vision and translate it into a beautiful reality.

App Development

Our belief is that there is an App in every software solution that adds more value top your solution eco systems.

Process Management

Our process engineers can assist in tuning Software delivery pipelines, from concept to release.

Enterprise Development

From monoliths to large scale micro services, we can help you deliver.

Solutions Architecture

Our solutions design team encompasses both architectural and business disciplines to provide you with a great top down view of your solutions.

Chat Bots

We have the needed expertise to provide customised AI Chat Bots for your customer engagement needs.

Iliad Solutions

This is the third generation testing software solution created by Iliad. The focus is to deliver the power of service virtualisation to payments testing; marrying the power of virtualisation with the specific technical requirements of the payments industry . We assisted in updating the solution allow for testing API based on on the OpenApi v3 Specification.

PPS InTouch

We have worked on modernising PPS UI's to now embarking on a major migrations project to reduce their technical debt and update their 10 year old systems to modern technologies and processes. This will be a major advancement to their systems in terms of design usability and speed allowing them to expand into newer markets.

LUNOS Enterprise Suite

LUNOS Enterprise Suite is a system of components built by Silvermoon that provides most of the foundation required by any insurance company. We helped commercialise these components that are used by multiple insurers/products in South Africa.

Discovery Partner Markets

Discovery Partner Markets (DPM), a partner initiative of Discovery, a South African life and health insurer, has the vision to entrench its Vitality platform as the world's best-in-class wellness solution. We worked with Discovery to build a framework that delivers Vitaility's values globally by generating microservice solutions from Enterprise Architect models.


Our history with consulting with MMi is along one, assisting them in implementing LUNOS with Silvermoon on projects such as Khula and Ayo. To helping them centralize their client/insured details across their multitude of acquisitions.


MEGAPRO CRM and Gaming Platform. Delivered a unique view of CRM to assist them in the ability to track/market and sell the advertising within their portfolio. Produced a competitive easy to use prediction gaming platform for their digital sporting portfolio.

Idea Pioneers
Idea Pioneers

Provided AI Chat Bots implemented using the LivePerson platform for Legal and Security Services, allowing their customers to quickly receive quotes, report incidents and if needed interact with a human.


FNB Contact Centre. Provided consulting and solutions advise on achieving business goals within the FNB Client Contact Centre.


EOH MTN and Consulting. Assisted in delivery and updates of the Oracle eBilling platform for EOH's clients


Implemented a green fields web based implementation to support Import and Export customers following the UN EDIFACT Standards for Customs and Excise. Including support for Invoicing Credit Notes, and basic CRM functionality.

The Workshop Boss

Consulting services to improve and update systems that integrate vehicle repair workshops with Motor and Car Insurance Assessments and Quotes.

Other Clients
Other Clients

Albaraka, Secure Logic, Primedia Unlimited. Working in delivering critical alerts in the fire industry, to forex banking apps, games industry, advertising and other markets.


    We focus our talents to guide customers into making the best decisions for their solutions


    Whether solutions need to scale for performance or for usability, we deliver solutions that scale and can be used easily in today's multifaceted connected world.


    Utilizing best in class test practices and processes we ensure quality for customer and developers in process and product.


    Our strong solution creativity and in technical knowledge allows us to bring ideas to solutions that are a best fit.


Providing a springboard to uplift, upskill and develop future generations of IT individuals. With our wealth of experience we provide an environment for individuals to thrive, grow and mature. Providing up to date processes and development concepts ensures that quality is not sidelined while delivery is still timely and efficient

By focusing and harnessing each individuals talent and temperament and combining with best practices and processes our solutions are on time in budget and talk to the needs and requirements of our clients.

As a company we challenge our teams to become more than coders, but rather through collaboration and competitive team challenges develop themselves into leaders and entrepreneurs. Individuals within our organization are always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology or trying to finding a means to simplify our efforts through techniques, standards, methodologies and processes